Some selected references

(from 2003-2015)




Millerton, NY; U.S.A.


I have received your package and it was wonderful. We are overjoyed by your information…



Newton Highlands, MA; U.S.A.


I am very excited by the results you have found and, once again, I want to thank you. And in the future, if I need to do more research in Berlin, I will definitely contact you. Thanks again!



Portland, OR; U.S.A.


Thank you so much for all the wonderful work you have accomplished so far. I look forward to continuing with you.



Sedalia, CO; U.S.A


You did a very through research. I appreciate your efforts. Again, thank you for all you are doing for me.



Sturgis, SD; U.S.A.


Great work! I thank you so much for all the documents and CD.



Portage, IN; U.S.A.


I received your letter and am so pleased with all the information. I never though I would know this much about my family and I have you to thank for that.



Chattanooga, TN; U.S.A.


You have given me a great gift. I will be forever grateful. Thank you! God bless you.



Hermosa Beach,  CA; U.S.A.


I received your letter. Thank you for all your good work!



Scottsdale, AZ; U.S.A.



Thank you so very much for the information that you found for me!!!

I am so very happy about all of this!! Thank you again.



Queensland, AUSTRALIA



I am very pleased with what you obtained for me, thank you very much.



Baltimore, MD; U.S.A.


I really liked the research results a great deal... It was very interesting to read through it all.



Cleveland, WI; U.S.A.



Thank you for your excellent work on this research project.



Den Helder, Netherlands, E.U.


Thank you very much for the research, you've done so far. I'll really trill.



Tucson, AZ; U.S.A.


I received the information yesterday and was so happy to see how successful the search was…

 … Thank you so much for getting this information for me!



Castle Hill/Sydney; AUSTRALIA


Thank you very much for all the information, great work. I honestly was not expecting that we would find so much information.  Its very interesting! 


Denmark, E.U.


Personally I am impressed by the findings you sent. Thank you again for a great piece of work!




It must give you great satisfaction knowing that your work is giving great satisfaction to the people who you work for.
I thank you once again. Your work is very important to me.